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Nehru and Indira Gandhi were two of the most outstanding leaders of the last century. India was blessed to have started its independence under their guidance.

The Nautamlal Mehta family has been connected with them since 1919, and compelling evidence supports this.

Before you compare India to other countries. think of this: first, India is free, and No country can dictate or control it. That is called Freedom. Europe Does not have that. Yes, Germany, France, Japan, and Great Britain must work and act under the U.S. mind and policy. China is a communist country. Before they reached the present level, Mao, their leader from 1968–to 1980, killed their country people 40–50 million. Indian People Never wanted or needed that kind of environment.


“I am requesting that someone who disagrees with my post provide me with the name of a leader who could have served India better than Nehru Daily Basi. I am not interested in subjective opinions, hearsay, gossip, fake news, or paid journalist opinions. Any Hired pen writes what their payee wants. It should go into the trash. Or information from unreliable sources. Please provide authentic sources with proper documents to support your claim.”

Please tell us what Nehru did wrong? please tell us what he should have done. Give us a source, and plan how he should have done it. And also provide the needed resources he had at that time. If you talk about China in 1961, please discuss China signing the “Panchtantra Treaty of no attack on each other. Dalai Lama was refused three times not to come to India. But still, he ran into India. We, India, never had a defense to fight China. Nehru cannot be made responsible for it. ( or provide your solution, not just blame)

That way, Britain, in the last 70 years, Lost India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, the Middle East, the whole of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Caribbean islands, and many countries in Great Britain lost. Sure, Northen Irland. so this kind of change does occur.

“The USA was unable to prevent India’s involvement in the creation of Bangladesh, which led to the breakup of Pakistan. Consequently, Pakistan lost Bangladesh. This conflict game will continue as long as there are artificially created borders between nations.”


Now, whenever Nehru’s name comes, in the last 15 years, it starts with Sardar Patel and Netaji Bose both against Jansangh and Hindu Mahasabha. Sardar Patel was the first to ban Jansangh until Nehru lifted it. Some political parties often mention Sardar Patel. However, neither the Hindu Mahasabha nor Jansangh has any right, ability, or knowledge of the Congress Party’s internal matters and functioning. Gandhiji knew Sardar and Nehru as two accepted sons for 50 years, so why would Gandhiji favor one over the other? Nehru appointed 4-5 Jansanghee members to his first government. Mahatma Gandhi was too wise for Jansanghe and Hindus.


Please watch these videos to understand how Pandit Nehru began building a new India without foreign help despite facing numerous obstacles. India was left without any assistance.


1 ,










I hope you have watched the video above. It tells the story of a poor individual from a rural village who is asked to build a large factory. Such a task can only be accomplished after some time. Additionally, it is vital to maintain integrity, respect for the nation, and independence.


Pandit Nehru had to deal with not just one person but 40 crore people.


(Please understand that the group you see in this video says that Land and Raj were and belonged to them. My question to them is why they have been licking the feet of the British in their Land. If Land belonged to them, the British should be licking their feet. No, it is the other way. And some of these groups created lots of problems to run the government. They would not come on stage and tell us that they were screwing the India. They hired the people.)


Please watch a few YouTube videos of India’s Poverty when Nehru took over India. when the British left India, they Looted so much wealth and intelligence and created “Nati Jaati.” The British created Nati-jaati. We only had four “Varna,” not nati jaati. It is written in the British Gazet. The British and USA challenged Neru to accept their terms and conditions, or we would stop getting help. Nehru was proud of Bharatiya. he maintained his diplomatic contact with the West and started Developing a new India. He had few options: focus on defense, internal education, or farming. Maharajs were not releasing Land. They will not farm at the same time given to farmers. Vinoba has started “Bhudan yagna” and walked the nation to please give back looted Land to farmers. Very few landowners donated Land. Finally, Indira Gandhi removed all the rights of Maharajs and forced them to release Land or pay taxes on it. Most Maharajs transfer Land to their employees, and they still indirectly control it. Almost all Maharajas were installed or created By the British; their Land has no purchased document but plunders from farmers. They did not pay a rupee for it. Technically, it was looted.


Here is essential, more authentic info on Pandit Nehru’s work. from Subodh Mathur, an economist (Ph.D. MIT), On Pandit Nehru


vinoba have:


when the British left and after the 2nd world War. India never got any help from the USA, but Russain, our great friend, helped us exceptionally well.


Lots of weird say, Oh, we should have joined the USA’s umbrella, Looked at Pakistan, Looked at the Middle East. Did you want that kind of environment?


Under the Marshall Plan, the USA helped Europe, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, and Korea. The USA gave those countries billions of dollars in loans and assured everything they manufactured in the USA would be returned. The Marshal plan is the core reason for today’s U.K., European, Japanese, and Korean dance.


In 1970, the USA created the Marshal Plan close to Europe but without Grant to China. However, China has become too strong now and has surpassed the USA. The USA took full advantage of China from 1970 to 2020, but now China is giving the USA a hard time.


It is believed that the USA was well-informed about India thanks to receiving all information on India from the British. As a result, since 1947, western countries have continuously created problems within Southeast Asia to keep India focused on progressing. Nonetheless, Nehru managed to outsmart them by establishing institutions such as IIT and IIM, Bhakhara Nagal Dem, ISRO, Nuclear Power, Atomic Bomb, Chandi ghar, Women’s right, focusing on self-reliance, space science, etc. The USA shared the same concern as India, that India must be self-reliant. Read the upper link to MIT economist Subodh Mathur’s blog on Nehru.


Kindly note that during the time of Nehru and Indira, there were very few cars in India, and our lifestyle was based on self-reliance and farming. Land was inexpensive, housing was easy to obtain, and food was abundant. Temples and religious sites were meaningful to devotees and not just tourist spots. We deeply respected Mother Earth and did not prioritize industrialization and the destruction of the environment.


When planning to construct a 1000-kilometer road that could be 100 feet wide, it is essential to consider how much farming land will be affected. A road requires regular maintenance and will remain permanently unproductive due to the concrete used in its construction. Additionally, the Land on both sides of the road for thousands of meters also becomes unproductive, turning once fertile Land into a burden to maintain. While building such roads may seem like “development” for a few vested interests, it is, in reality, the nation’s destruction, particularly in a blessed country like India, which has the finest farmland in the World.


I live in the USA; we do not have any massive manufacturing factories. Most of their industrial product comes from outside. Sure, they have many automobile factories, mainly body manufacturing and assembly.


Furthermore, if Nehru or Indira Gandhi did something wrong, please tell me how they should have done it. Also, please give their resources, defense funds, diplomatic situation, and other internal problems they had at that time.


We have lots of Western agents in India. Their interest is to create constant obstacles and chaotic conditions within India and for India. Our dear PM Narendra Bhai Modiji has come to know, and he knows now how hard it was for the previous government. He is now not blaming Nehru!


I would like to know about an individual in the last 500 years of world history who made a sacrifice similar to what Indira Gandhi and her two sons made for India. I am also seeking the name of a family with three members who sacrifice their lives for India, just like Indira, Rajeev, and Sanjay. People often criticize their actions without acknowledging that they were brave patriots who died for their country. Have you ever discussed the sacrifices made by Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, and other Indian patriots? Were they wrong in their actions? If we had more people like them, we wouldn’t have to bow down to others like our ancestors did.


The picture below was received in 1919 at the Amritsar Congress meeting from Motilal Nehru.


In India, many innocent and ignorant people lack judgmental abilities. Their brains cannot assess situations, and they often tend to follow the opinions of some idiotic, dumb, or paid politicians. These people start expressing someone else’s trash as their own and end up polluting the history of India. What’s even more ironic is that negative opinions about Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, and Indira Gandhi come from those who never shed a drop of blood, never gave a day for Mother India, or never took part in the Freedom of India. These cowards talk negatively without having any suggestions about what Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, or Indira should have done. They do not know the Mahatma or Nehru family’s circumstances, situation, and resources. They also need an answer as to why their heroes never took part.


When Pandit Nehru visited Rangoon in 1937, He stayed at Manilal Nautamlal Mehta’s home, left Manilal’s wife, Sharda and Indira Gandhi and relatives on the right Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi visited Manilal Mill in Pyapon Maynmar.



( Indira Gandhi on Pandit Nehru)


2, ( these people and Pandit Nehru)








6, golden-temple-raid-support-letter (


British PM Margaret Thatcher encouraged and supported Indira Gandhi during the Blue Star operation.


*Indira and Rajeev Gandhi could have hired 500–600 constant protective security Guards; no, they were Brave and ready to die for Mother India.




please read on the people. Their act was cowardly and unpatriotic but a projection of something else that they were




Please read how Great Pandit Nehru and his dedication and Sacrifice for Mother India


Outstanding Achievement of Indira Gandhi:


It is important to remember that external forces, following India’s independence, never wanted the country to remain stable, peaceful, and progressive. They knew India’s potential and feared losing control in Southeast Asia. As a result, they began to divide India as early as 1900, starting with the “Bang-Bhang” movement, followed by the establishment of institutions such as the Muslim University. These institutions were not very authentic or conservative in their Muslim beliefs and were often led by individuals such as Agha Khan. The aim of most Muslims had nothing to do with this kind of mindset—outside agency, creating tension within India through minorities.


Nehru knew and planned to stay out of the trap of UNO and the USA-based UK-based trap by creating a non-align group with Yugoslavia and Egypt, with the support of Russia—further breaking up India.


Pandit Nehru was among the most outstanding and patriotic individuals in Indian history. He made significant sacrifices for his motherland and other great leaders such as Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Netaji, and others who remain unknown. Pandit Nehru’s contribution to India was immense, and his family sacrificed for their country. His daughter and two grandsons lost their lives while serving Mother India.


It is unlikely that any family in the last 500 years, not only in India but worldwide, has sacrificed for Mother India like the Nehru family’s

Mind-boggling contribution to Mother India from Indira Gandhi

Winning the 1971 war with Pakistan at a time when the US, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and many other powers sided with Pakistan. The abject surrender of Pakistani troops in a mere 13 days to split the country into 2 and create Bangladesh is the biggest war victory any Indian has had in nearly 3 centuries.

Territorial expansion — acquisition of Sikkim and Siachen glacier without any big fuss.

Bringing India on the path to becoming a nuclear power with the first nuclear test at Pokhran.

Ending privy purse and other big expenditures India was doing to its former princes.

  1. The Nationalization of Banks, and the forced lending to the agricultural sector to promote the Green Revolution. The meager foreign reserves India had used to be dwindled away by the importation of food, or planned industrial purchases. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, after nationalizing banking, would open State Bank of India Branches across India and in rural areas, which had until then been neglected as lending was nearly impossible for small farmers to access. The forced lending enabled mechanization and the purchases of resistant seed varieties. The agricultural boom made India a food-sufficient nation for the first time since Maurya and Gupta’s time. It is a shame that even the Congress party does not promote it. another political party cannot digest, but the Congress Party should know how great Achiement it was.
  2. .
  3. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi created a military edge over China and Pakistan, which would last until the early 1990’s. The Soviet Union would provide India with better equipment and allow the assembly and manufacture of equipment that did not even occur with fellow Communist nations. In 1974, India would detonate an Atomic Device. China would only begin catching up in the 1990s in terms of air and naval power, and much of this was because of the lack of direction of Indian Governments that followed.

Maruti car was also creation of Indira Gandhi

  • Breaking of Pakistan into two pieces
  • Nuclear Bomb
  • Ballistic missile program AGNI PRITHVI NAG AKASH
  • Fighter jet Tejas
  • Creation of RAW
  • Indian Satellites and rockets
  • Nationalization of banks, taking them away from tycoons
  • Abolition of Privy Purse
  • Capturing Siachin Glacier
  • Merging of Sikkim in India
  • Built defense infrastructure along LAC against China
  • NOIDA city
  • Navi Mumbai, largest planned city in Asia
  • Rohini township in Delhi
  • Industrialization
  • SEZs
  • Kandla port
  • JN Stadium, Talkatora, and other world-class sports Infra for Asian Games 1982
  • Many more

After the Bluestar Operation, she was alerted or warned to change her security Guards and keep more security people. She refused and bravely talked to Dia for Mother India. her work and duties are over, and she does not worry about her personal life. She trusted two humans and left them to their Intrigity. Loyalty and duty. She comes out as a Greater Human by trusting two Security Guards who proved they were Not Loyal..

After the Bluestar Operation, she was alerted or warned to change her security Guards and keep more security people. She refused and bravely talked to Dia for Mother India. her work and duties are over, and she does not worry about her personal life. She trusted two humans and left them to their Intrigity. Loyalty and duty. She comes out as a Greater Human by trusting two Security Guards who proved they were Not Loyal.


She ( Indira Gandhi) declared, ‘every drop of my blood will invigorate the nation’; indeed, it did:


Sonia on Indira Gandhi “All the more so at a time when, in the quest for shortcuts to greatness, we find leaders willing to undermine the very foundations of our national character,” said Sonia Gandhi.


1, Land Ceiling Act created cheap Land for farmers and able to realtor land from Jameendars and Maharajas holding without use or exploiting poor


2, During her time, she brought a green revolution in farm production. India has become a significant exporter.


3, plenty of food and life was easy on poor


4, Nationalization of vested interest banks. At that time, no petite guy could get a loan. Tata used to give the central bank a loan, Birla used to give loans to Tat from United Commercial, and Mafatlal used to provide loans from the Bank of Baroda to others. That way, people’s money was exploited by these big business people. Indira Gandhi Bank Nationalization created massive development from Paan wala to small “Lary wala.” It was a development that occurred after the independence.


5, after breaking Pakistan into two countries, Indira created an India easter over 1000 miles border, making a friendly border from enemies’ border. That was the most significant achievement in the last 200 years of Western history. Britain and the Mighty USA could not stop their vested interest country. They’re based in Pakistan; they could not stop breaking into two countries one another group created in Northwest India even before independence. At every round table, these Vestade groups always talk about their interest. They never worried or represented Indians or India but only talked about what the British told them. It was a very unpatriotic move.


7, another issue is this unpatriotic group cried during Indira Gandhi’s “Emergency” time; however, the same group was responsible for Indira’s imposition of emergency. The West wanted Indira to go; they felt Indira was becoming a big challenge in ASIA. They lost in Indiras, Breaking their interest in Pakistan into two countries. First, they lost in the UNO, but Indira got a vote in the UNO to get recognition for the new country, Bangladesh. Indira was so powerful that she managed to get a vote in the UNO from a Muslim country. Sure, as always, India had many, and they started creating lots of political trouble in India with Railway strikes, unions, mill strikes, and so on. The whole nation was in chaotic condition. For the safety of the country, Indira had no option but to impose an emergency and put these unpatriotic sold souls in jail, including many. That action was needed to the situation and circumstances.


Congress and Mahatma Gandhi gave the best support and helped uplift the Dalits, but the same innocent without proper judgment. These cry babies still disrespect their helpers.


We must know that India is alone; our best friends are very few when we are different and intelligent. Invariably, you get very few wellwishers. Indira Gandhi or Rajeev Gandhi, Zulfikar Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Mujibul Rahman of Bangladesh, Gadafi, Sadam Husain, Asharat Sarafat, and many leaders got killed by vested countries’ agenda. People can make any pone scapegoat. However, in the background of massive vested interest, Indira was so brave she was told not to take specific actions. She did, and the time will come when the people of India consider her the great political leader of the 1900s.


After the 1971 India-Pakistan war, President Richard Nixon was unhappy with India and its leaders. He used derogatory language about India due to India’s victory in breaking Pakistan into two countries and the birth of Bangladesh. The USA was unable to prevent it. This can be considered a situational reaction. Under the leadership of Great Indira Gandhi, India defeated the USA and their allies in the diplomatic and political game for the first time in 200 years of the USA’s history. Unfortunately, most Indians are unaware of this outstanding achievement. Later, Indira Gandhi and her two sons, Rajeev and Sanjay, had to pay the price for challenging such a significant power. However, Indira Gandhi was aware of the consequences of her actions, and she aimed to teach and weaken Pakistan for the country’s patriotism. She achieved her goal.


What was Indira Gandhi’s most significant achievement?


War with Pakistan. Gandhi’s most significant achievement following 1971 led to the formation of an independent Bangladesh. The USA, especially President Richard Nixon, had the Vietnam War issue and the Watergate scandal, and India outperformed the USA on all fronts. For the first time in 200 years of history, the World’s most powerful country could not stop Pakistan and India from getting IN US CONTROL UNO recognition of a new country, Bangladesh.


I am surprised that historians still need to identify the most significant political and diplomatic defeats on an international level in the USA.


For the first time in the USA’s history of 200 years, they lost political and diplomatic power to a country like India. PM Indira Gandhi broke their interest bases ( Pakistan). We Indian are so stupid; even our Political leaders have NO clue how great work Indira Gandhi did for Mother India — wasting time or discussing crap on some paid author book or newspaper articles. Or giving credit to boasting General Manekshw. These Moran even do not have a clue that the General only takes orders from the PM ( Here Indira Gandhi with Bharatiya virtue)


People meeting in Public meeting for Pandit Nehru in Rangoon 1937 with Manilal Nautamlal Mehta 1937

Pandit Nehru In Rangoon at Manilal Nautamlal Mehta 1937

Public Meeting for Pandit Nehru in Rangoon 1937

Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Manilal Nautamlal Mehta at manilal Mill in 1937

Indira Gandhi and Pandit Nehru at Manilal Nautamlal Mehtas home in Rangoon 1937

This is the Granddaughter of Nautamlal b Mehta Pallavi Manilal Mehta, most likely in 1959 when Indira Gandhi visited Rajkot.

A refugee crisis put pressure on her.


In 1971, Indira faced a crisis when troops from West Pakistan went into Bengali East Pakistan to crush its independence movement. She spoke out against the horrific violence on March 31, but harsh treatment continued, and millions of refugees began to stream into neighboring India.


Taking care of these refugees stretched India’s resources; tensions also mounted because India offered support to independence fighters. Making the situation even more complicated were geopolitical considerations — President Richard Nixon wanted the United States to stand by Pakistan, and China was arming Pakistan. At the same time, India had signed a “treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation” with the Soviet Union. The situation didn’t improve when Indira visited the United States in November — Oval Office recordings from the time reveal that Nixon told Henry Kissinger the prime minister was an “old witch.”


War began when Pakistan’s air force bombed Indian bases on December 3; Indira recognized the independence of Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) on December 6. On December 9, Nixon directed a U.S. fleet to head for Indian waters — but then Pakistan surrendered on December 16.


The war’s conclusion was a triumph for India and Indira (and, of course, for Bangladesh). After the conflict had ended, Indira declared in an interview, “I am not a person to be pressured — by anybody or any nation.”


read How the British left India in the most socially disturbed, financially ruined, and culturally disturbed. India was “Sanatan sanskar” they could not convert like Africa, but they changed them,—–f5e6760c2d4c——————————–

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