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Louis Fischer’s grossly erroneous information about Tagore; the truth is that Nautamlal B Mehta was the first to coin the word “Mahatma” for Gandhi Ji, not Tagore. Please read all the compelling evidence, including documents and historical details.

Regarding Louise Fischer’s case, the only proof is based on his personal accounts or imagination. While he considers himself a creative writer, Indian scholars, and historians have turned Louise’s imaginative stories into supposed facts without any concrete evidence or documentation.


Please review the text below. It questions the accuracy of Louise Fischer’s information about Tagore. Our historians, scholars, editors, and authors have never addressed this subject. It is irresponsible for people to spread incorrect information as historians. Louise Fischer was just an enthusiastic American author, but our so-called Gandhian scholars, authors, and historians are the culprits responsible for spreading this misinformation.


1. When did Tagore first meet Mahatma?


2. Was Mahatma present during that meeting?


3. Is there any documentation or information from Tagore that mentions or refers to Mahatma?


4. Are any photos or other supporting documents available to validate the meeting?


5. What is the source of this information?


This is the most authentic Evidence and proof; documents have been available since 1915. It has been updated on the website since 1996, but our so-called Fake authors and researchers are unavailable.

We provide compelling evidence that Nautamlal b Mehta was the first to coin the term “Mahatma” for Gandhiji, refuting false claims based on hearsay.


1, First claim of Tagore by Louis Fischer.


Mr Louis Fischer failed to Provide any relevant documents or data; therefore, he was grossly wrong, and his claim is Fake. One more point: Tagore Met Mahatma for the first time on March 6, 1915. NautamlalB Mehta met Mahatma on January 21, 1915



Some claim that Gandhiji was called “Mahatma” by the residents of Gurukul Kangadi on No specific date, April 1915, and he, in turn, called the founder Munshiram a Mahatma (who later became Swami Shraddhananda). However, there is no proof of documents, and the date they are claiming is April 1915, whereas again, Nautamlal Mehta and the people of Jetpur signed the Mahatma “Manpatra” on January 21, 1915. The Kangadi Gurukul also needs documents or proof that the event occurred before January 21, 1915, Nautamlalal B. Mehtas’s date. One More Point Mahatma Gandhi He landed in Mumbai; after Mumbai, the next stop was Only Jetpur.


Claim # 3.

Another claim by Gandhian historian says, “A private letter from friend Pranjivan Mehta to Gopal Krishna Gokhale in 1909 referred to Gandhi with the title “Great Mahatma” and thus remains the earliest written record available to use the title “Great Mahatma” on Gandhiji. Pranjivan Mehta was Nautamlal Mehta’s brother-in-law, and Pranjivan Mehta never handed any citation to Mahatma. In South Africa 1909, he neither knew nor received any face-to-face citations. Additionally, we have yet to see the letter to Gokhale.


Claim # 4

is from Gondal Rasshala, which is only 20 miles from Jetpur. They claimed that Mahatma Gandhi came to Gondal on January 26, 1915, and at the Rashshal, this Manpatra was given. However, they were so innocent that they should know. Mahatma Gandhi was in Jetpur on January 21, 1915. Nautamlal Mehta was the first to meet Mahatma before Tagore, or Rash shal. Nautamlal Mehta’s trust ( New Dynamic Inc) supplied all documentation, Photos, Picture of Mahatma, and even Mahatma himself wrote in his book collected letter of Mahatma Gandhi in Vol 14


A few other claims popped out like bubbles from our Help of Air to them.


a gesture, we gave them copies of the “Manpatra”. One of them, whose last name started with “Par…”, immediately rushed to Sabarmati Ashram and local newspapers in Amdavad to proclaim that their great father was the first to coin the word “Mahatma”. However, they had no original documents to support their claim, only our copy. Their excitement eventually died down as they could not provide any additional information. These individuals were from Jetpur and were friends of Nautamlal B Mehta.


We have learned from our past experiences and have avoided similar situations. All our documents have been annotated to ensure accuracy and prevent emotional misjudgments. To maintain the parties’ privacy, their names will not be mentioned here. Recently, we received an email requesting a copy of a document called “Manpatras” from various past Gandhian grandchildren, such as Kalel and Mashr. However, we have had previous experiences that have helped us to prevent further wrong claims. All documents are under the control of the New Dynamic Inc. trust in California, and we have refused the request to avoid any future claims.


My Uncle Moolshankar told me many times that we had about sixty Mahatma Gandhi letters on family and other private matters. as it was very Private. therefore never brought up in public.


When my Grandfather Pedhi underwent a financial crisis in 2nd During the World War, our mill was also looted in order to save thousands of Hindu-Muslims. As a result, we gave up and moved to a small home in Khadia, Ahmedabad. We gave about 30 letters to Sumatiben Morarjee in Mumbai and another 30 letters to Kaka Saheb Kalekar to keep them safe. Unfortunately, in the late 1950s, my grandfather and uncle had to move to Wankaner and lost control and contact. At that time, the only medium of communication was the postcard. My uncle lost his grip and didn’t tell me the situation. I was still young and didn’t understand the importance of this matter. After contacting both families, I am still waiting for a response. I am writing here to stay connected with the public on this matter


For the general Public, One Person used to hold a mobile gallery of Gandhian documents, and mostly about 200 Postcard communication between 1950–1970 from Rajagopalachari “Rajaji” and Moolshankar were stolen from Moolshankar home in Wankaner with his coin collection. His helper’s name was Go…. Zala or Jhala, and last I read an article on him in Gujarat Samachar. I contacted his grandson to sell those documents but have not heard back from him. The postcard has the address of Moolshankar Mehta: wankaner or Ahmedabad.


We have attached more info on the above four claimants at the b


Apart from Mahatma, Mahadevbhai ni Diary is another very close to Mahatma Gandhi’s words.


Read More in More detail and more connecting Documents to Nautamlal Mehta, who was the first to coin the word “Mahatma” For Gandhiji.


Here is the copy of real Manpatra, “a citation given to Mahatma Gandhi on January 21. 1915 By Nautamlal Bhagawanji Mehta at Kamribai school Jetpur.the duplicate copy is on Display at the Rajghat Gandhi Museum. New Delhi ( considered the most authority on Gandhian matters)

On the left is an English translation of the side Citation.l

Left Similar Manpatra was Given to Kasturba Gandhi from the Women of Jetpur. On the Right Side, THis picture was taken when Mahatma Gandhi arrived in Jetpur on January 21, 1915. My grandfather used to say that Kamribai School had only six chairs and over 70–100 people in attendance. Those who were elderly were given chairs to sit in. Most had a space to stand anywhere to get into the picture — this event of khandani and sanskarik minds. No fight for ego or power, even children, were warmly welcomed.

The two emails below are from the Rajghat Gandhi Museum. They are acknowledging the above “Manpatra’ as authentic.

Hand Written Note Far LEFT: Manilal wrote this note to his younger brotherMoolshanker (who was hard of hearing). For this reason, most of their communication was in written notes. Here, Manilal says that “Kumar “Magazine wrongly published the info on who coined the word “Mahatma” for Gandhiji. Manilal says, “It was drafted and read by his father, Nautamlal Bhagawanji Mehta. This note must have been written around 1970. My uncle, Moolshankar, wrote postcards and letters to various publishing houses as early as 1951, but it was worthless as no one cared about our information or truth. None dared to question a white journalist/author from America. On the Yellow page in Gurarati, it is translated to the right. My uncle, Moolshankar, wrote postcards and letters to various publishing houses as early as 1951, but it was worthless as no one cared about our information or truth. None dared to question a white journalist/author from America.

Nautamlal Mehtas’s second son, Moolshankar, had to pay four times but never took a penny from the government. He had a degree in science from Fergusson College Pune but never exploited it for his gains. He Let go of his family and inherited 600 years of “Pedi” for Mother India’s freedom. He could have sat in His father’s business, but he opted to go to Jail for the freedom of India. He Says in the above Flyers, “He can prove that the term “Mahatma” was first coined by his father, Nautamlal Mehta.” Unfortunately, Moolshankar died in 1993, but his nephew, Niranjan (me), did his work with his inspiration, will, and guidance.

This was published by Rajghat Gandhi Museum (National Gandhi Museum), acknowledging with approval that Nautamlal Bhagawanji Mehta was the first to coin the word “Mahatma” for Gandhiji.

This is the First Edison of Louis Fisscher’s book

It all started in the left-hand book below around 1951. Ironically, our so-called Gandhian Historians and Gandhian Scholars never question Louise Fischer. Where does he get his info on Tagote’s first name, “Mahatma’ Gandhiji? Many Indian scholars just started dancing and stupidly started forwarding Loise Fisher Hearsay as the most authentic!

Please read in detail.

please read

please read

The page below from Louis Fishcher’sbook started with Deception and Wrong Information First, who coined the word “Mahatma.”

No one questioned Louis Fisher a few questions: 1. What date did Tagore say.? 2. What location? 3. Gandhiji was there on a so-and-so date? 4; where is the picture of the event? 5. Where is the picture of that citation? No One ever questions those fundamental questions to accept the historical events. All acted and still acting as stupid as possible. A bunch of our Copycat scholars or so-called authorities never had the Logic or common sense to question white American Authors. My grand, father, and Uncle tried to fix it in 1950–1960, but in those days, their weapon was writing a letter or postcard with No response.

Below Page from Collected Letter of Mahatma Gandhi volume 14, we can read Mahatma says he was in Jetpuron January 22, 1915 9 His health was not good

Read more on the Wikipedia page.


My uncle, Moolshankar, wrote postcards and letters to various publishing houses as early as 1951, but it was worthless as no one cared about our information or truth. None dared to question a white journalist/author from America.


Nature made me a tool to get justice for my grandfather. I had access to hundreds of family documents and photographs (aka proof) sharing information about the Indian Freedom Movement and our family’s connection to Gandhiji. Thanks to technology, I have better resources and time to share the truth; that journey started in 1996.


My greatest strength was scholars from Rajghat Gandhi Museum in New Delhi, Dr. Anand, Dr. Varsha Das, and six other scholars on their team who acknowledged my family’s information (through a lot of vetting) and gave me a significant boost!


This was published by Rajghat Gandhi Museum (National Gandhi Museum), acknowledging with approval that Nautamlal Bhagawanji Mehta was the first to coin the word “Mahatma” for Gandhiji.


Additional photos and historical information

In 1996, and later, Dr. Anand and Dr. Varshben Das and their Team from Rajght Gandhi Museum, New Delhi, acknowledged it. And they were accepted. Still, Bunch of Ignorant is singing the song of Lousie Fisher without anything in the Hand.


Final Note:

Gandhiji himself wrote the finest autobiography with the truth. That book was followed by 23 volumes of Mahadevbhai Ni’s Diary. Mahadev bhai is the most authentic source after Mahatma’s own words.


The government of India published 100 volumes of Collected Letters of Mahatma Gandhi, totaling around 50,000 pages. The Most authentic info is already available. Why do we need some books by fly-by-night authors? When we already have gold In Mahatmaji’s own written books and papers.


Only Mahadev Desai and his Diary can be instrumental in reading.


Vande Mataram.

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