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2 Nautamlal Mehta-Kamdars of Jetpur Borne in September 1889- 9/06/1968 into a unique Jain ( Hindu) faith ( way of Living).

Kamdars of Jetpur has a unique Path in the Jain Faith ( stha na k vasi). This Kota Kamdar family tree is one of the oldest family trees in the World. This clan also has last names such as Domadia and Mehta. Their Kul Devi, the goddess of their line, is maymai Ma of Thorala, located 50 miles from Rajkot, Gujarat. This Kamdar Tree is rare, unique, and has one of the World’s most extended family trees. It seems like we started using Mehta in the mid-18th century. This Kamdar family had ruled Jetpur for two generations, during Gopaljee and Chatrabhuj’s time when the local ruler of the Kathis was de-thronged. Gopaljee Kamdar and Narbheram Kamdar had significant influence and power over the British Agency in Bombay. Rajkot British Agency had great respect and trust for Chatrabhuj Kamdar Gopaljee Kamdar. At that time, their recommendation had the power to get release people from the death chamber.

Mehta or Kamdar (its same family’s last name) of Jetpur, (Saurashtra, Gujarat ) India. One of the World’s oldest family trees World with authentic genealogies recorded of 600 Years and their unique influences, connections, and contributions to India’s freedom from the British government.

This Mehta-Kamdar

was First to Bring British IN Saurashtra as Gaikwad was the First to Bring British In Gujarat.

An important concept to highlight is that the Kamdar family only disagreed politically with the British plan. We were significant traders and were the leading agents in India’s Western States for European and North American products and services for at least 400 Years. Once this Kamdar family was involved in the Gandhian movement, they became against using any British products. Evidence of the Mehta- Kamdar Family’s intensity and tenacity to free India from the British government’s governing will be unraveled in this website.

Nagar sheth of Jetpur Shri Nautamlal B. Mehta (Kamdar)

Was the first to use and bestow “Mahatma” for Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on January 21, 1915, at Kamri Bai School, Jetpur, India. From then on, Gandhiji was known as Mahatma Gandhi. It is commonly believed that Rabindranath Tagore first bestowed the name. However, this is incorrect. Read the original documents about the day Gandhi became Mahatma (Manpatra) by clicking here! Also, you will read similar Manpatra was given to Smt Kasturba Gandhi too.

Some Important points:

9 Compare to Jamanlal Bajaj, Ghanshyamdas Birla, Chitranjan Das, Sarabhai family, Dalmiya family, Nautamlal Bhagawanji Mehta, Dr. P.J Mehta, and Many, almost all played two way except Nautamlal Mehta. All others earn money, Kept on making money, maintain their contact and business platform with the British. In Nautamlal B Mehta He’s case, he was the only openly Boycotted British goods and never took any advantage after India become independent. None of his sons accepted any Pension or position. The whole family lost from the core engine in to forget. No newspapers or author had or have time to enlighten people on the sacrifice of Nautamlal B Mehta.


Free India Moment only after 1930 and some even after 1935 as they started knowing that free India IS possible and soon. Whereas Nautamlal B Mehta, P.J Mehta, Ambalal Sarabhai, Lala Lajpatrai, Motilal Nehru, many were from the beginning to the end.
Ambalal Sarabhai family, Jamana Lal Baja family, and many unknown families like Nautamlal B Mehta sacrificed the most out the world noticed a few, and Many families Like Dr. P.J Mehta, Nautamlal B Mehta, and many were forgotten or stayed unknown.
In the case of Nautamlal B Mehta, their main base was in Jetpur Kathiawad9now Gujarat) small town, no newspaper publicity or their activities surfaces attention. Whereas Bhualbhai Desai, cama, Tatas, and many lived in Mumbai, big cities got big attention and were inscribed as attentive news.
As per me, the most sacrificing family .their children, wife, sisters all involved one downside they still kept on doing business with the British also kept o contributing to Free India moments. Whereas Nautamlal B Mehta kept on serving communities for Free India moments but financially, they stop doing business with the British that damaged them very badly financially to the extent they lost their 400 Years old “Pedhi.’
Why not many people Knew or Heard about the great sacrifice of Nauramlal B Mehta? He was from a small town and lived in a small town.No Major News Paper or limelight in those years.
His activities were within his region. Bajaj, Sarabhai, Bhula bhai, and many were always in the limelight because of their Living in big cities and Support from National newspapers.