Kamdars & Sports

As far as record goes with modern sports, Nautamlal Kamdar was a good tennis player as well as he was one of the first pioneers to establish a gymkhana in Jetpur. He established one as early as 1898. His son, Manilal was also a tennis champion at Ferguson College in Pune in 1928. Nautamlal’s grandchildren and children of Manilal: Dhirendra Kumar and Ashok were the heart throb of the local population in Rangoon and in Rajkot in regards to Football in the early 1950s. Manilal’s other two sons: Niranjan and Atul played at national and international level in cricket. Both played professionally in England. Here you will some of their contributions to the sport.

Nautamlal Kamdar has written a letter to his father, Bhagvanjibhai, requesting him to send his tennis racket which was forgotten at home. This letter was written in Jan. 15, 1880. He was studying at Gujarat College, Ahmedabad.